Love Under the Moonlight

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a review for this lakorn but at the last minute I just went with it. So negatives first…..I feel that this lakorn had an incredibly promising start as the first 8 episodes, if I remember correctly were done so well. I liked the concept of Vampire since I enjoyed (most of the) Twilight movies but this was rather disappointing for me because rather than a “love story between an immortal and an ordinary girl” as the original synopsis stated, the story was more about greed and the evil of this world. I don’t mind villains as they are expected but the level of evil was just too high for my taste.

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Another thing I didn’t care for at all was the CGI which is a huge part of why I tend to avoid Supernatural/Fantasy genres in Lakorn productions. I found the green eyes really distracting but I’m putting that down to expecting all vampires to have red eyes lol, the cracks on the wall when a character was pushed against it, was also pretty laughable. In the last few episodes, I found the villains actions to be nothing if not repetitive which honestly made everything seem kinda draggy and predictable.

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