Chong Pov Bros Sart (2023)

Soben Prathna Bopha 3Torng
The story of the genius female painter Chongxi Luo “Every picture she painted was But it’s memorable in my heart. But because her paintings had something to do with nobles, she was hunted down by the authorities. Xi Luo fled into the Li Family’s room in Li Hongbin’s room. In order to find a way to escape for herself, she lied about being pregnant with him.
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Li Hongbin, on the other hand, was looking for a way to avoid the wedding with the Song family, so the two pretended to be husband and wife. Later, the Li family had an incident. She stayed by his side for a long time, out of necessity. Pretending to be husband and wife turns into love while she discovers some secrets in the painting that are clues to the two rebels and their friends. Together they uncover the evil plot and restore peace to everyone.

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