Chunder Thansour [Ep.25End]

Chunder Thansour
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MIU TIN (Moses Chan) met KO SAN YUET (Maggie Cheung), a bride who was getting married at the time, as a child. He has never forgotten her since then. The two meet once more by chance twenty years later. TIN is a Chinese herb grower, and YUET is the wife of HO SAI CHEUNG (also known as KK Cheung), who runs a wholesale pharmacy. Soon after, YUET learns that her husband had a serious affair with his maid, TIN OI TAI (Aimee Chan), and that the two of them even built a romantic home in Fushan. YUET kept everything quiet until CHEUNG passed away in order to uphold the family's reputation. Later, when TAI becomes pregnant, YUET, assuming that her husband is the father of the child, takes TAI home and cares for her as if she were her younger sister. Only TIN's close friend CHENG KIU (Kenny Wong) was aware of the inside story.

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